Wax Brush - Country Chic


Our fabulous wax brushes are a must-have as they will make waxing your piece so much easier! They're of the best quality with stiff bristles and a well-formed handle that makes them very comfortable.

The brushes will help you in applying the wax in all the nooks and crannies of your piece. With a cloth you might end up using too much wax, but with these wax brushes it is much easier to use the wax more sparingly.

Click here to learn more about using wax brushes and to see them in action.

You will want to use the small one for little projects, and the large one will come in handy for those big pieces with large surfaces. We recommend dedicating your wax brushes to their own specific waxes. So use one for your antiquing wax and another one for your natural wax, for example.

Made in the USA.

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