Love Furniture and Home Decor


My name is Corry Deale and I am a lover of furniture, old and new. I enjoy bringing a tired piece of furniture back to life and can appreciate newer pieces too. A personal bit about me is, after my Mom (hero and best friend) passed I, too had to bring myself back to life; this metamorphosis is still taking place. As my Mom's executor, I lovingly cared for and found new homes for some of her furniture and home decor items. Not realizing it at the time, a new love and appreciation was born for these items. Even in my Mom's physical absence I know that she is still with me guiding me through life, I am truly blessed.

Every piece has a story and a life of its own that deserves to be shared and valued, they deserve to be renewed and live again. So just as we (people) need to be renewed to life so do our home furnishings. My Mom's name was Joyce Deale and she adored the love of my life, Matt Strunk, so over time Matt and I created "The Furniture Spa" to bring life back to these beautiful works of craftsmanship.

We are located in a small rural town in Southern Maryland just down the street from where Mom lived, worked, and passed. Our shop has been transforming into it's new self since 2013 and now today was officially named "The Furniture Spa". It started out as a Facebook page named Legacy of Joyce and has seen several changes up to this point where we have an on-line store, which is still growing.

Our store now carries many of the loved products that we use on our pieces and are sharing them with you. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback that you may have.

Thank you so much,

Corry and Matt.

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